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Getting A Property For Free: Present or Problem?

What would you do if someone offered you real estate for free? I know everyone reading this probably thinks “Why the heck not?” Before accepting this gracious offer from a close friend, colleague or family, it would behoove you to look at the circumstances carefully. While a gift of real property may seem perfect, there can be hidden or unforeseen dangers that may make the gift more trouble than its worth. Continue reading

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Texas Title Insurance Two-Step

Texas is well-known, if not down-right notorious, for its regulation of title insurance. Not only are title insurance premiums regulated by the state but the title insurance forms and all manner of procedures related to the business of title insurance are also controlled by legislature via the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). Thankfully, TDI, has given us a roadmap by which we can navigate to insure title to real property in Texas: The Title Insurance Basic Manual (commonly known as the Basic Manual). Below are some of the issues that our non-Texan clients most commonly confront. Continue reading

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At The Closing Table: Everyone Has a Role to Play

If any of the participants in a real estate transaction don’t do their job, it will likely delay the closing or, even worse, cause it to adjourn while the parties are assembled at the closing table. When that happens, it invariably causes anxiety, grief, anger and hardship to some or all of the principals…. When the closing is delayed or adjourned, clients don’t care who is responsible. They get mad, especially with their own attorney whom they’ve paid to prevent this from happening! Continue reading

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Seven Tips To Make NY-Style Closings Go Smoothly

For readers not familiar with the term “New York-Style Closing”, let’s start with a brief explanation. At a NY Style Closing, buyers, sellers, their attorneys, bank attorney and title closer are almost always present. Sometimes, even the real estate brokers attend. But, what really makes these closings unique is that many of the details needed to close the transaction are determined at the closing table. Continue reading

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Real Estate Closing: When it Comes to Closing Time, It’s Not Quite A Happy Hour

The big day has arrived. The buyer, seller and lender have finished their jockeying for position and decided on the settlement terms for the purchase of a Commercial Real Estate property. Continue reading

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