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“i” Before “e” Except After “c”…

In a world of shrinking gadgets, cars and incomes, the only thing that seems to be staying large or getting bigger is loan closing packages. Well, maybe for those in the airline manufacturing business, aircrafts are getting bigger but for those of us earning a living doing title insurance; the size of the closing package is the only thing still looking fat and healthy.

That said, despite its size, it has got a whole lot easier over the years to get a real estate closing package from lender, to closing and back to lender again. How so? Technology. Continue reading

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Face-to-Face Closings: Making an Impersonal Transaction Personal

There may be other reasons we are driven to a sit-down closing. Could there be a sub-conscience need for human beings to physically interact with one another? Is there a primordial instinct for human beings to engage others? Continue reading

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GFE Disclosure: You’ve Worked Hard For The Deal And Earned Your Pay. Now Keep It!

Common sense dictates that it behooves every mortgage broker/lender to educate him or herself regarding all the charges that might show up on the final Settlement Statement. Loan originators and their processors, however, prefer to keep themselves busy getting clients, getting loan underwriter approvals and everything in between. They would rather get one final quote from the title company on which they can rely. The fact that some circumstances might change or the title work is more complicated than expected is of no interest to them. Continue reading

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Seven Tips To Make NY-Style Closings Go Smoothly

For readers not familiar with the term “New York-Style Closing”, let’s start with a brief explanation. At a NY Style Closing, buyers, sellers, their attorneys, bank attorney and title closer are almost always present. Sometimes, even the real estate brokers attend. But, what really makes these closings unique is that many of the details needed to close the transaction are determined at the closing table. Continue reading

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Real Estate Closing: When it Comes to Closing Time, It’s Not Quite A Happy Hour

The big day has arrived. The buyer, seller and lender have finished their jockeying for position and decided on the settlement terms for the purchase of a Commercial Real Estate property. Continue reading

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