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Potential Pitfalls in DIY Deals in Real Estate

By Elliot Zaks, Principal, Madison Commercial Real Estate Services

Do-it-yourself projects may be a worthy endeavor for a handy homeowner refinishing a deck or a green thumbed gardener installing a herbaceous border. However, in the complex world of real estate transactions, DIY measures may backfire. Buyers seeking to cut costs with DIY methods can miss out on some vital resources.

The residential home market is experiencing a shift in attitudes. Rising interest rates and stiff credit requirements are causing a slow down in residential mortgage lending, as buyers struggle to get home loans. Rather than submit to the strict rules of the banks and creditors, many home buyers are turning to all cash deals. While cash buyers have the advantage of evading lender’s regulations, they should be careful not to forego essential industry safeguards. Continue reading

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Real Estate Recovery: The Signs Are Everywhere

As a marketer in the world of real estate and finance, I crunch numbers and analyze data to determine the best course of action. I don’t believe in reading tea leaves, tarot cards or palms. I don’t look for symbolic ‘signs’ that are supposed to point the way in big life decisions. Admittedly, over the last five years, the numbers haven’t been very positive or pleasant to digest. Housing starts down. Commercial lending down. Foreclosures up. It’s been a veritable smorgasbord of sour data. So it is encouraging to finally see a wealth of indicators (hard numbers not just anecdotal reports) from all directions agreeing that the real estate market – which has supposedly been on a journey of healing for a long time – seems to finally be reaching that coveted destination: solid economic recovery.

Here are some of the highlights from the past month or so in case you’ve missed them, haven’t had the time to comb through dozens of media sites to aggregate the data, or are just tired of reading headlines prognosticating recovery that turn out to just be false-starts.
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A Real Estate Investment Strategy for Replacement Properties was NOT Entitled to Patent Protection

There are numerous strategies in the marketplace for creating “headache free” real estate investments to be used as replacement property in like kind §1031 exchanges. Fort Properties, Inc. challenged the validity of this patent, claiming that AML’s strategy is unpatentable. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal District agreed. Continue reading

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